The Reading Hour

Share a book with your child for ten minutes a day, an hour a week. 

The countdown is on! Its only 8 days until The Reading Hour, 2013,  being held on Saturday, 24 August, from 5.00pm-6.00pm.  This the time to talk about and celebrate the importance of reading. 

The Reading Hour is for everyone, from babies to adults. The idea is to spend the hour reading, with your kids (if you have any), read with friends and family, or  take this opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted hour of reading by yourself. It doesn't matter what you read, as long as you read something.

Sharing a book with your child for 10 minutes a day, an hour a week is the aim for The Reading Hour, 2013. Although it's not always possible for parents to share a book at bedtime with their children, if you can manage 10 minutes most nights, your child will have the best chance of becoming a good reader, with all the social and educational benefits that brings.

Most of our brain development happens between birth and three years of age, so it's not enough to assume that your children will learn to read when they get to school. Parents need to share stories and rhymes right from day one.

For adults, reading a book is a great way to restore work-life balance, to keep your mind sharp, improve analytical thinking and writing skills, and increase your vocabulary.

Check out Sutherland Shire Libraries Facebook page for reading tips-these are being posted daily as we countdown to this reading celebration.  Share what you are reading in the comments.