Classics Open Book Groups

Do you enjoy reading and discussing classic literature? If so, join one of our new Classics Open Book Groups, being held the 1st Tuesday of each month. You can attend the group every month, or just come along when suits.

What is a classic novel? According to Mark Twain, it's  "A book people praise but don't read".  This is not always the case!  

What is deemed a classic novel varies according to different people. Just as no-one reads the same book, everyone defines a classic differently. Despite there being no set of rules defining what makes a classic novel,  it is agreed that these books do share some qualities. They are of literary significance, having stood the test of time, and are often be regarded as representative of the period in which the book was written.  They usually express some artistic quality- be it a brilliant story line or an engaging writing style, that sets it apart from other works of literature. Classics have universal appeal, integrating global themes that are understood by readers from a wide range of backgrounds and  varying life experiences. Themes such as life, death, faith,  love and hate touch upon some of our most basic emotional responses.
A classic makes connections.

The book group discussions will be based on classic novels chosen by the group, and may include classics from the beginnings of literature right up to the essential modern 20th century classics.

* Please note, although the library holds copies of many classic books, it is the  individual's  responsibility to obtain a copy of the chosen text to read. 

1st Tuesday of each month.

Daytime Group:
Caringbah Library @ 2.00pm.
376-378 Port Hacking Road
Tel: 9524 3803

Evening Group:
Sutherland Library @ 6.30pm.
30-36 Belmont Street
Tel: 9710 0351