To read or not to read....

A raunchy romantic comedy involving art forgery, theft, family secrets, millions of dollars, and true love.

To read or not to read... that is the question! Read the opening paragraphs of this book and you decide!

Matilda Goodnight stepped back from her latest mural and realised that of all the crimes she had committed in her thirty-four years, painting the floor to ceiling reproduction of Van Gogh’s sunflowers  on Clarissa Donnelly’s dining room wall was the one that was going to send her to hell.  God might forgive her the Botticelli Venus she painted in the bathroom in Iowa, the Uccello battle scene she’d done for the boardroom in New Jersey, even the Borsch orgy she’d painted in the bedroom in Utah, but these giant, glaring sunflowers were going to be His Last Straw. “I gave you a nice talent” he was going to say to her on Judgement Day, “and this is what you did with it.”
Tilda felt her lungs tighten and stuck her hand in her pocket to make sure she had her inhaler.
Beside her, Clarissa wrapped her thin little arms around her size two chenille sweater and squinted at the brownish-yellow flowers.
“It’s just like his, isn’t it?
“Yes,” said Tilda with regret and handed her the museum print of the original.
“The flowers look so…angry,” Clarissa said.
“Well.” Tilda closed her paint box. “He was nuts.”
Clarissa nodded. “I heard about that. The ear.”
“Yeah. That got a lot of press.” Tilda shrugged off her painting shirt. 

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