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Delightful and engaging, here is a chicklit novel, set in Sydney in the late1950's, by an  Australian author.

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At the end of a hot November day Miss Baines and Mrs Williams of the ladies frock department  at Goode's were complaining to each other while they changed out of their black frocks before going home. 
'Mr Ryder's not so bad, ' said Miss Baines, in reference to the floor manager; 'its that Miss Cartwright who's a pain in the neck, excuse my French'.
Miss Cratwright was the buyer, and she never seemed to give them a moment's peace. 
Mrs Williams shrugged and began to powder her nose. 
'She always gets worse this time of year,' she pointed out. 
'She wants to make sure we earn our Christmas bonus.'
'As if we could help it!' said Miss Baines. 'We're run off our feet!'
Which was quite true: the great festival being now only six weeks away, the crowds of customers were beginning to surge and the frocks to vanish from the rails in an ever-faster flurry, and when Mrs Williams was washing out her undies in the handbasin that night she had a sudden sensation that her life was slipping away with the rinsing water as it gurgled down the plughole; but she pulled herself together and went on with her chores, while the antipodean summer night throbbed outside all around her. 

Mrs Williams, Patty, and Miss Baines, Fay, worked together with Miss Jacobs on Ladies' Cocktail Frocks, which was next to Ladies Evening Frocks, down at the end of the second floor of Goode's department store in the centre of Sydney. F.G Goode, a sharp Mancunian, had opened his original Emporium )Ladies and Gents' Apparel - All the Latest London Modes) at the end of the last century, and had never looked back, because the people of the colony, he saw straight away, would spend pretty well all they had in order to convince themselves that they were in fashion. 

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