iBLURB Kids Fiction 1

These wonderful children’s books are recommended for children grade 3 and up. Mostly for independent readers but also to be read aloud curled-up on the lounge with a loved one. Enjoy!

Tom’s Midnight Garden    by Philippa Pearce
When Tom is sent away to his aunt’s house after his brother contracts the measles, he resigns himself to weeks of boredom. Lying awake one night he listens to the grandfather clock in the hall strike every hour. Eleven … Twelve … Thirteen. THIRTEEN? Tom rushes down the stairs and opens the back door.  There, awaiting him, is a beautiful garden, A garden that shouldn’t exist. And there are children in the garden too – are they ghosts? Or is it Tom who is really the ghost …It’s not until the very end of the book, that you learn the secret behind these magical events. ( This children’s classic is perfect to read aloud at bedtime – one of my personal favourites! )
Also available as:  a DVD    an Audiobook on CD   an E-Book

Tuckshop Kid  by Pat Flynn
Hungry?  Need Lunch?  Mum's packed you curried banana and pickle sandwiches again?   Only got a $1.25 to your name?
Then you need to see Matt, because Matt has an amazing talent...  Some kids are good at footy, or handball, or tennis. Not Matt, though. Matt is an expert at Tuckshop.
($1.25 = sausage roll and small choc milk, by the way...)
In the dog-eat-pie world of the playground, when your best friend is the lunch lady and hunger can be just around the corner, someone like Matt can go a long way. But of course, being the best at anything does have its problems. Even tuckshop.

( Shortlisted for Queensland Premier's Literary Awards: Best Children's Book 2007 )

Virtually Perfect
  by Dan Gutman
Yip Turner spends more time playing computer games than with other kids. For him, virtual reality usually beats reality! So when his dad, a movie special-effects designer, brings home new software for creating virtual actors, Yip is psyched. He and his sister create "Victor," a boy who is smart, handsome, and charming-perfect in every way. But when Victor breaks out of cyberspace and invades their world, Yip realizes that there are a few bugs in the virtual-actor software. Now his family and possibly the whole country may be in danger...  (Will Yip get Victor the Vactor back into the computer before his dad gets back? Yikes!)
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