iBLURB for Kiddies 2

Quote: "There is more treasure in books than in ALL the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."  — Walt Disney 

Early Childhood Honour - Book Week 2007

Chatterbox    by Margaret Wild & Deborah Niland
Max’s baby sister, Daisy, was gorgeous. She twiddled her toes. She crawled. She played with cardboard boxes. She splashed in the bath. She did everything except TALK.  'Say moo,' says Mum. 'Say neigh,' says Dad. 'Say baa,' says Nana. 'Say quack,' says Max. But Daisy just sticks her bottom in the air and says nothing, until one day... 
(A delightful read-aloud story about finding you voice)
Picture Book Winner - Book Week 1988

Crusher is coming! by Bob Graham
Peter has just cleared his room. He is giving all his stuffed animals to his sister Claire, because tough Crusher (the football hero) is coming home after school tomorrow. Unfortunately Peter didn't count on the distraction of his baby sister Claire, or his mum's delicious baking.
(All of Peter’s fine plans to impress Crusher - delightfully fail!)

Early Childhood Shortlist - Book Week 2012

No Bears  by Meg McKinlay & Leila Rudge
Hi! I’m Ruby and this is my book. You can tell it’s a book because there are words everywhere. Words like ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘THE END’. I’m in charge of this book so I know everything about it – including the most important thing, which is that there are NO BEARS in it.  You don’t need BEARS for a book.  (I think Ruby is fooling herself … don’t you?)

Read, read, read a book, read one every day,
   To learn about, learn about, places far away!