National Year of Reading, 2012, December theme: Love to read

The National Year of Reading, 2012, is drawing to a close, with the final theme, for December, being "Love to read".
What do you love to read?
Books of course, but what about blogs, twitter posts, newspapers, recipes, magazines, graphic novels, comics, movie subtitles, directions, maps, games, crossword clues, signs, even games.
Whatever you love to read, it all counts. It's all reading.
During this past year of reading celebration, we have found Amazing Reads, reading matter that makes us laugh, think and feel different emotions. Books that have allowed us to escape, dream and discover new worlds, genres and authors. We have questioned what we read and how we read it, grown reading habits, starting with just ten minutes a day... We have explored new books, and new ways to read, such as on e-readers, ipads and iphones. We have even cried (or laughed until we cried) over our reading, ultimately finding that we love to read everything and anything.
Don't stop reading. The National Year of Reading is just the beginning of a lifetime of reading for fun, entertainment, information and learning. Where would you be without reading?
Love to read.