December 8th, Christmas Reading suggestion

 Is all  that Christmas shopping, cooking, wrapping presents and parties to attend leaving you with little  time to read? Read a short story about a house where its Christmas all year round...

December 8th Christmas Reading suggestion:

 A cat, a hat and a piece of string by Joanne Harris.

Conjured from a wickedly imaginative pen, here is a new collection of short stories that showcases Joanne Harris' exceptional talent as a teller of tales, a spinner of yarns. Come to the house where it is Christmas all year round; meet the ghost who lives on a Twitter timeline; be spooked by a newborn baby created with sugar, spice and lashings of cake. Worry for a young girl in the Congo who rides the rapids to earn a crust of bread; and spy on Norse gods battling each other for survival in modern Manhattan. In her first collection since Jigs & Reels, let Joanne Harris ensnare and delight you with the variety and inventiveness of her storytelling.