National Year of Reading, 2012, November theme -Cry

Boo hoo, The National Year of Reading, 2012,  is nearly over. There’s no need to cry… except with joy, when you  realise  you don’t have to stop reading,  the National Year of Reading is just the beginning!
 This month the theme is cry. This doesn’t mean you have to be a misery guts. You can cry with joy, or you may find yourself  crying  with laughter because the article, book or blog  you are reading  is just so funny! You can cry tears of happiness when you read a happy ending, or find your eyes welling up because you are so moved by a story  of inspiration, achievement or success against the odds.   You may even cry because of the onions you are chopping up as you prepare that great new recipe  you have  just read (try wearing goggles next time, or put the onions in the refrigerator).  If you do want to be a misery guts, reading sad stories can be catharic. There’s nothing like a good cry, as you always feel better afterwards, don’t you think?

So grab a box of tissues, and start reading.