The Reading Hour

The countdown is on, with The Reading Hour being celebrated this Saturday, 25 August. Everyone is welcome to come along to Miranda Library from 10.00am-11.00am, to join in the Reading Hour celebrations!  Hosted in conjunction with Kumon Miranda and Menai Education Centres, special guests will be reading books aloud to the gathered group. A variety of stories, including popular children’s books from the library’s collection will also be available for families to share on the day. RSVP online, or call Library Services.
 If you want to keep reading, you can also host your own Reading Hour, joining people from all across Australia who will be celebrating The Reading Hour by reading from 6.00pm-7.00pm.  Here's how:
Turn off the TV!!!
Hold a Family Reading hour.
Read some books you borrowed from the library.
Read a short story, or two.
Pick up a Quick Read from the library. They are novellas of less than 200 pages, by well known authors from around the world.
Busy? Multitask. Listen to an audiobook (you can download one from Overdrive) while you cook dinner, drive the kids around, walk the dog....
Take time out, go to a cafe, order a coffee, relax and read for an hour.
Online? Spend the hour reading news articles, blogs and book reviews.
Throw a Pyjama party, tell everyone to bring a book and enjoy the ultimate bedtime story session.
Read some stories to your children- or vice a versa.
Movie buff? Read the book then watch the movie. Which one did you like more?
 This is just the beginning. Reading for at least ten minutes a day equals an hour a week, it's a great way to be both entertained and informed at the same time.