National Year of Reading August Theme-Question.

 'Question' is the August National Year of Reading theme.

168th of 2nd 365: A choice. Which translation to continue reading? By Flickr user Dumbledad.

This month, question your reading matter; whether it be fact or fiction. Question the content, the media, any controversial issues and ethics. What about the philosophies, the politics and your own beliefs?
 Do you have a favourite genre?  Is it adventure, romance or science fiction?  Or do you find you can't put down that  mystery, thriller or fantasy novel? What makes it riveting reading?
Question what you reading. This doesn't just include books, it could be a newspaper or magazine, a recipe, a blog or a twitter post.
Why are you reading?  Is your  reading required for study or  to help you become better informed?   Remember reading is also a great way to relax, unwind and be entertained.
How are you reading it? As an ebook, on your ipad, iphone or ereader, or in a more traditional format (aka the print version)?  Have you tried downloading a e-book (or even an audiobook to listen to) from Overdrive?
Read a questionable book; whether its been banned somewhere or because its biased. Question what you are reading by joining a book group. Read outside your comfort zone to answer the question of why people read what they read.
Are you  wondering where to find your next great read?  The answer is at the Library. Try NoveList,  a database with over 600 different lists of recommended reads across many different genres, award winning books, and first chapter excerpts. Maybe you've  found yourself in a dilemma because you've read all the books written by your favourite author. Try Who Else Writes Like? to find some new authors who write in a similar style or genre to writers you enjoy.
So, tell us, what are you reading right now?