New Items Lists - First test lists now live

We know you've been waiting for them and now they're here. The first test New Items Lists are now available.  Thanks for your patience while we worked on these lists and now we'd really like to hear what you think.

Initially we've only created a couple of lists.  Once we've heard your feedback we will create more new items lists for different types of materials.

The first set of lists for New Adult Fiction, New DVDs and New Mills & Boon titles are available now on the Library's catalogue at

A bit more about the New Items Lists...

These new lists work a bit differently to the lists you may have been familiar with on our old system.  Where previously the library produced a self-contained list each month, for example new fiction in July, in the new system the lists are updated daily and cover the previous month.

For instance, the New Adult Fiction list will show adult fiction titles received by the library in the past 4 weeks.  Each day new items added to the collection are then added to the list, while items older than 4 weeks will drop off the list.  Some lists may cover a different period, but all will work on the same continuous rolling model.

In addition, we have added the ability to subscribe to email updates for each list.  If you are interested in new DVDs, for example, you can sign up to receive a daily email listing the new titles added that day.  If there are no new DVDs added that day, no email.  And for any fans of RSS, there's also a feed for each list.

The list of new items in each category are coming from a direct query on our system database. Unfortunately, the items aren't really sorted in any useful order such as title or author. Also, the links to each title point to our 'classic catalogue' and not our main discovery interface (Encore), however, you can still perform all the actions you would otherwise have available (reserve, add to list, etc.)

Ideally we would change those two aspects if we could but it's just not possible.

Check these lists out and leave us a comment with your thoughts and questions or suggestions for other lists you'd like created. We can't promise anything now but we will look at your suggestions and requests and see what we can do.