Read about escape...from prison

Photo credit: Flickr user "Freedom studios"
Prison Gate

May is the month to read about...Prison escapes!   Escape with a book for a while and read about some true life, famous, daring, even death defying break-outs or read a  prison-escape themed fiction book.
True stories
Papillon by Henry Charriere; translated from the French by Patrick O'Brian
Escape from Germany: the greatest PoW break-out of the First World War by Neil Hanson
Die like the carp!: The story of the greatest prison escape ever by Harry Gordon

Adult Fiction
The Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas
The silence of the lambs by Thomas Harris
Exact revenge by Tim Green
Shantaram;a novel by Gregory David Roberts

Young Adult
Lockdown (Book 1 of the Furnace series) by Alexander Gordon Smith
Incarceron (Book 1 of the Incarceron series) by Catherine Fisher