National Year of Reading April theme "Feel"

The month of April has the theme “feel”, meaning that this month is all about emotions and feelings evoked by reading and how you feel about reading. It's the month to read whatever you feel like. The written word in all its forms can be very powerful, causing the reader to feel emotions including love, joy, surprise, anger, fear and sorrow. So read anything and everything, including magazines, newspapers, blog and twitter posts, clues to a crossword, recipes, patterns and of course, books.

No matter how you feel, there is a book in the library to suit your mood. Feel like being scared out of your wits? Try reading a horror story that gives you goose bumps. Don’t ever believe it when you are told the book version is not as scary as the movie. With a book, you have your own imagination to contend with. Did you really just catch a glimpse of a shadow flitting across your window?

Maybe you feel like an adrenaline rush that makes your heart race. Try reading a fast -paced adventure story, pick up an action packed page turner that you just can’t put down, or try a spine tingling, nail biting, edge of your seat thriller.

Do you feel like a challenge? Try an epic saga, or start the first book in a new series.
Read a mystery and solve the puzzle of who dunnit. The outcome may surprise or shock you, or you may feel a sense of satisfaction that you picked the culprit before the end of the story.

Are you feeling warm and fuzzy? Curl up with a good romance novel that tugs at your heartstrings. Read about a beautiful heroine being swept off her feet by her knight in shining armour, knowing in the back of your mind that despite the fact that the road to true love is never smooth, there will a happy ending.

Feel can also refer to the tactile, this being the month to learn new crafts. Read all about book folding or make a book sculpture. Why not learn to knit or find a pattern and crochet some tea cosies.

What kind of books do you like to read and how do they make you feel? Tell us on the Library Facebook page!

Photo credit: flickr user John Mallon Iphoneography "Enjoying the paper"