Quick Reads. Great stories, great writers, great entertainment

Sutherland Library Service now has a Quick Reads collection of books available for loan. These are a series of original short story length books written by well known authors and celebrities from the UK. Starting in 2006, Quick Reads were developed as part of an initiative by the United Kingdom to increase literacy levels.

Why check out Quick Reads?

Are you too busy to read?
Or you are an avid, yet time poor reader, looking for something short and fast to read?
With no more than 128 pages, these bite sized books are fast to read. They are complete, original short stories (they are not abridged versions of longer works), that take only a little time to read.

Do you find reading difficult or dull?
Quick Reads are perfect for emergent readers, for those of you whom English is a second language and those who don’t really enjoy reading. They are fast paced and engaging and a great way to improve your reading skills!

Have you lost your reading habit?
Rediscover the joys of reading with Quick Reads, written by best- selling authors. Just try reading for ten minutes a day…

Want to try new authors?
Have you always wondered about those authors you have heard about, but never read? Sample some different authors with Quick Reads. Who knows, you may discover a new favourite and read some other books they have written.

Do you commute, or are you travelling somewhere?
Quick Reads are a great way to pass the time on your daily commute, or while you wait for your plane, train or bus to whisk you away on your travels. They are light to pack and don’t take up much room!