All Hallows Eve - or Read?

Halloween (Oct 31st), traditionally a Celtic festival to honour the dead has become increasingly popular in Australia over the years, particularly with kids and 'trick or treat'.

It's also a good time to remind people about the library's wide-ranging horror and supernatural collections.

Books, films and graphic novels all fall under these genres, which have a huge and passionate following from people of all ages.

To the many horror fans out there, why not use Halloween to share your love of the mysterious and goulish, the zombified, the un-dead, the eternal and the ghostly with others?

One way to do this has been thought up by one of the best supernatural writers around - Neil Gaiman. Gaiman has written a number of fantasy and horror stories and is now asking everyone to take part in 'All Hallow's Read', as opposed to All Hallow's Eve (another name for Halloween)

'All Hallow's Read' asks people to share a scary book with someone else, be it one you buy or one you borrow from the library, tell others about why these genres are so popular. Gaiman explains in the clip below:

A great idea and one we'll be looking at participating in for the National Year of Reading in 2012.

On a similar note, we're excited to be holding an author talk for Paranormal Writer Karina Machado at Cronulla Library on Tuesday, November 15th.

For all the details on Karina's upcoming talk and to book a spot visit the library's event page.

Happy Halloween, have a great All Hallow's Read!