What's not to Love?

To celebrate library lovers day, now is the time to share the love and remind ourselves why librarians are so loved.
· Celebrate- anything and everything, from birthdays to book week.
They are:
· Charming- Have you ever had a library fine? If so, you know librarians can indeed be charming under adverse circumstances.
· Chic- The stereotypical librarian with a bun, peering over glasses perched half way down her nose, does not exist in the library service.
· Chatty- There’s no ssshing going on here either!
· Cheerful- Librarians love libraries, and what they do, so of course they are cheerful.
· Clever- Not only do librarians have library science (as well as other) qualifications, but they are very useful to have on your team at trivia nights.
· Collaborators- Librarians are great team players and love to create partnerships with other community groups.
· Committed- to great customer service, finding customers the books of their dreams, and chocolate.
· Communicators– Sutherland shire library staff are at the cutting edge of social networking- blogging, texting, contributing to wikis, our very own facebook page (and hopefully twitter in the near future).
· Competive- Librarians compete very successfully with their arch nemesis the Internet! Library content is current, correct and of high quality.
· Computer literate- a.k.a. nerds.
· Connected- if you’ve ever needed an interlibrary loan, you’ll know just how well connected this library service is to other library services.
· Contemporary- Librarians provide access to all the very latest information and entertainment.
· Contributors- to the community by creating cool programs, activities and services for all our customers.
· Co-ordinated- Our library service now has a Co-ordinator of Community Programs - welcome Jess!
· Correct, (politically that is), Librarians offer access, equity and advocate freedom of information.
· Crazy- you may think so after attending a book week presentation!
· Creative- If you’ve ever participated in creating craft for a story time you know what I mean.
· Cultured- well, at least well read.
· Curious- about all sorts of things, librarians just love information- it is, after all, their business.
· Current- Librarians are information brokers who offer up to date information in a wide variety of formats, both digital and print (they are also competent at retrieving this information).
· Customers- Librarians too, are customers. They all have library cards that are in constant use, but, although we all know librarians love books, they certainly don’t sit around all day reading them!
- Monique