Proquest Research database gets a makeover!

Proquest, one of our most popular research databases, has had a makeover and is easier to use than ever before!

You can still search for information using basic or advanced search -  only now Proquest will suggest keywords as you type - just like Google!

You can now personalise your experience by creating a My Research account. This allows you to save results in a virtual folder, set up alerts and RSS feeds for specified searches, tag articles and share your research with the community. This is great for students or anyone working on a research project.

You can also search within a specific subject area. Current available subjects include: arts, film & music, business, general research, health & medicine, history, literature, news, science & technology, social science and student resources.

The results screen has been revamped as well. You can now hover the mouse over an icon to view a preview of the articles. You can also narrow your search by date range and publication type. If English isn't your primary language, you can have the full text machine-translated in up to 13 languages. Proquest also provides suggested related articles making research that much easier.

There's a lot more to discover so check out the new-look Proquest today for new and improved research. Proquest can be accessed from home or in the Library with a valid Sutherland Shire Libraries card.