Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!
To celebrate Library lovers day on 14th February, why not snuggle up with a romance novel from the library. While for many people romance conjures up images of a broad chested hero sweeping a clinging, swooning female off her feet, in reality there are many subgenres of romance novels to set any heart fluttering. So open your heart and try a romance, as you never know, your perfect match may well be in one of these lists.
Classic romances- for the romantic at heart, and those who want to read a truly romantic tale.
Historical romances have a historical setting (generally before World War II) and are often rich in historical detail. This enhances the story, providing an element of realism. They remind us romance and love have been present throughout the ages.
Paranormal romance involves an element of unreality, whether it be ghosts, vampires, time travel or reincarnation. They prove that love transcends all barriers.
Other subgenres include Contemporary romance and Romantic suspense. These titles are for those who would like to read something set in modern times, with romantic suspense books combining a mystery or thriller story along with the romance. These books show us that even today, even under adverse conditions, romance is still alive and flourishing.

Some other romance authors to consider include:
Balogh, Mary
Banks, Leanne
Beverley, Jo
Brockway, Connie

Campbell, Anna
Coulter, Catherine
Macomber, Debbie
McNaught, Judith
Quick, Amanda
So please don’t leave our romance books on the shelf, unopened and lonely, make a date with one of these lovely books. Happy endings mean new beginnings, so this might just be the start of a lifelong love affair… with romance.