RFID at Engadine Library

For those who live in the southern part of the shire, there have been a few changes at Engadine Library.

Have you seen Engadine's new self-checkout machines? At the end of October, Engadine library was closed for a few days so that state of the art RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology could be installed. This means that each item in the library is now 'tagged' and these tags can be read by devices that use radio signals to communicate with the item. What does this mean for you? Well, for a start, it means that our two new self-checkout machines are a lot easier to operate than our old one.

Two big advantages of our new machines is that they will check out audio visual items as well as books (previously you had to take any videos, cds, etc to the desk) and you can now check out multiple items simultaneously. Also with these machines you can renew any loans that aren’t overdue and check to see if you have any fees owing.

We are encouraging everyone to use the new self check stations and of course we will be here to show you how they work and help you if you have any problems.

Come and say hello next time you're in.
Engadine Library Staff.