Announcing OverDrive Media Console for Mac

With OverDrive Media Console for Mac, Sutherland Shire Libraries members who use Apple Macintosh computers can now download OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks via our Digital Downloads service. The Media Console's built-in Burn Wizard can be used to burn MP3 Audiobooks to CD, and the Transfer Wizard allows quick and easy transfer to Apple® devices (iPods and iPhones).

MP3 audiobooks are a relatively new addition to the OverDrive service and therefore they make up a small proportion of the total collection of our Digital Downloads, of which most are older works such as Alice in Wonderland (most of the MP3 files are out of coyright as the MP3 format does not support Digital Rights Management like Windows Media files).

You can see the full list of MP3 downloads we have available or read more about OverDrive MP3 audiobooks on the Digital Downloads web site.