Twilight Saga Proves very Popular

With Twilight by Stephenie Meyer on the list of 50 Great Reads, a great deal of interest has been generated for the Twilight saga.

Titles in the Twilight Saga:
  1. Cover: TwilightTwilight
  2. Cover: New MoonNew Moon
  3. Cover: EclipseEclipse
  4. Cover: Breaking DawnBreaking Dawn

Some concern has been expressed regarding the appropriate age of children reading the Twilight books. The Library offers the following as a guide only, noting that parents are in the best position to determine whether their children should read these books. Please consider:

  • The series is aimed at Young Adults so parental discretion is advised for younger readers.
  • It is more suitable for students in Year 8 plus.
  • The series includes some violence and gore.
  • It is basically a romance.
  • There is a level of sexual tension running through the first three novels.
  • There is a sex scene in the 4th novel but it is not very graphic.