Do you know what happened on your Birthday?

Were you born between 1955 – 1990? Would you like to read the Sydney Morning Herald edition of the day of your birth?

We have recently purchased a subscription to the Sydney Morning Herald Archives online. The archive currently covers the period from 1955-1990. This database is available to search, free, within any of the Sutherland Shire libraries. So next time you are visiting us ask a librarian to show you how.

Maybe you need to check out a newspaper story that happened recently. Well you can do this from home! We have 2 products that provide full-text newspaper articles to library members online. All you need to do is type in your membership number (from the barcode on your library card) and away you go. To access the newspapers online go to our JournalSearch site and look up Newspaper Articles in the subject search. The two choices for remote use (outside the library) are Australian & New Zealand Resource Centre (ANZRC) and Proquest Australia & New Zealand Newstand.

A search for equine flu in ANZRC today shows 177 articles, 164 of which were written since August 20 2007! All the major Sydney newspapers are represented, along with the majors from around Australia and the AAP Newswire Service.

Do you like to keep up with the major news in all the Sydney papers but can’t justify the waste of trees? Missed a day and want to catch up? These databases could be your solution. You can look up the newspaper or magazine you want to read and and get a list of all the articles that were included from a particular issue. The Australian from August 27 2007 has 218 entries - all the news without the ads! Horse & Rider for August 2007 has 32 entries, you could save on that expensive subscription and the articles are in PDF so you don’t miss those beautiful horse pictures.

We have plenty of other database options that allow you to view newspapers, magazines, academic journals, reference books and more online and many are available to library members wherever they are. Check out our Journalsearch site and get exploring - Have fun!

Not a member? Don't miss out, just pop into any branch library and join up (bring your driver’s license or a household bill as proof of your name and address).