Library Week @ Caringbah Library

As you have probably picked up by reading the other library news items, Library Week is approaching fast! Caringbah has a few activities planned for library week, one of which is another What's Under Wraps. For those of you out there who weren't here last year, What's Under Wraps refers to an unveiling of some of the library's newest books. If you are interested in having a look at some of the library's newest books, come down to Caringbah Library on Wednesday the 23rd of May at 11am. We can guarantee you that we will have something for everyone!

The other events that we have planned for Library Week include a morning tea, a book chat and a couple of competitions. On Wednesday the 23rd of May at 10am, we encourage you to come along and have a cuppa while you chat about books and perhaps broaden your horizons. The two competitions that we have include a lolly guessing competion (in which borrowers will be invited to guess the number of lollies that are in a jar) and a raffle for a hamper, where every borrower is eligible for a free ticket.

Hope to see you in Library Week! - Caringbah staff.