Fiction Follies: May 2007

Fiction Follies is a monthly newsletter containing a selection of NEW fiction added to the collection of the Sutherland Shire Libraries. Click on the book title to reserve your copy.

New Mysteries

The hollow core by Leslie Horton
Behind closed doors, every family has its secrets. The Ingleby family must look to theirs, when Diane Ingleby is shot after a family outing. DI John Handsford and DS Kahlid Ali are called in to investigate and it soon emerges that Diane's husband, Maurice, is widely suspected to be the money behind the local branch of the BNP.

Down into darkness by David Lawrence
The naked body of a young woman is found hanging from a tree on a London roadside. Scrawled across her back, the words 'DIRTY GIRL'. Detective Sergeant Stella Mooney and the AMIP 5 squad are faced with a murder as baffling as it is chilling.

Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott
Dr Gillian Beer: 'This daring mystery tangles occult and scientific knowledge with obsessive love and hidden world events. It is wonderfully down to earth, and genuinely eerie. Once in, you are not likely to leave off reading until after the very last twist.'

The pact by Roberta Kray
From Publishers Weekly: Eve Weston's younger brother is in jail, her cancer-ridden father has committed suicide and she's been fired from her job for something she didn't do—then things get really complicated.

New Thrillers

Switchback by Matthew Klein
Timothy Van Bender takes other people’s money and plays the stock market. When he loses $24 million he has to lie, cheat, seduce and deceive to stay in business.

Fear by Jeff Abbott
From the bestselling author of 2005's critically acclaimed Panic, Fear is a gripping, timely, and entirely original thriller that will solidify award-winning author Jeff Abbott as the "latest master of the fine art of the page-turner". Booklist starred review.

Sign of the cross by Chris Kuzneski
The first victim is abducted in Italy then crucified over a thousand miles away. The next day, the same crime is repeated--this time in Asia and Africa. Three different continents but one brutal pattern: someone is reenacting the execution of Christ.

New War Fiction

Band of eagles by Frank Barnard
Continuing the brilliant World War Two fighter pilot series - this time the theatre of war is the incredible story of the Siege of Malta. Summer 1941. By turns brutal, funny, tragic and heroic here is a spellbinding tour de force, a brilliant sequel to the best-selling Blu Man Falling.

New Romance and Chicklit

Natural born charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
When millionaire Dean Robillard meets Blue Bailey, she couldn't be more down on her luck; her ex has stolen all her money and she's got no place to go. despite Dean's misgivings the two find themselves thrown together and soon Blue has moved into his home and is merrily turning his world upside down.

The egg race by Polly Williams
Having explored the pressures of new motherhood in The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy, Williams turns to the biological clock and the silly things it makes thirtysomething women do.

It’s not you, it’s me by Helen Dunne
32-year-old Holly Parker is a corporate investigator. Yet while she helps countless high profile companies to find their Mr Right For The Job, her personal life is littered with romantic disasters, men who dump her using the same tired old cliche, 'It's not you, it's me!

Sea of lost love by Santa Montefiore
Celestria meets an enigmatic stranger and confronts unwelcome truths about her family -- and about herself. Once she has done so, she is able to transform herself from selfish girl to mature woman and save the family home.

New fiction

Sweetheart season by Karen Joy Fowler
It's 1947 and America has once again made the world safe for democracy. A can-do optimism governs the land - nowhere more so than in America's heartland, the picture-perfect town of Magrit, Minnesota

A factory of cunning by Philippa Stockley
One freezing May morning, two veiled women step off the boat from Holland. They are on the run: a French lady, calling herself Mrs Fox, and her maid. Immoral and beautiful, Mrs Fox has always used men to support and amuse her, she manipulates others to survive.

Affinity by Sarah Waters
The New York Times Book Review, Nancy Willard: There are two kinds of mystery novels. The first gives us the crime and the clues; the guilty party is then unmasked and the mystery solved. In the other, the crime is solved but not the mystery, which arises from a dark corner of the human condition. Sarah Water’s remarkable second novel, Affinity, is both of these -- and also a wrenching love story.

You suck by Christopher Moore
Being dead sucks. Make that being undead sucks. Literally. Just ask Thomas C. Flood. Waking up after a fantastic night unlike anything he's ever experienced, he discovers that his girlfriend, Jody — the woman of his dreams — is a vampire. And surprise! Now he's one, too.

* Note, many descriptions of books are taken from the publishers synopsis and websites.

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