Author John Tate Talks @ Sutherland Library

Did you go along to the talk by John Tate? What did you think? The recent author talk by John Tate at Sutherland Library attracted some negative comments. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know.

Here's a wrap up of the talk by one of the Library staff here:
Berry Berry I and II were the topic for an entertaining look at the socio-political world as seen through the eyes of a former Shire resident. Last Saturday John Tate spoke at the Library on his reminiscences and views of the political world from local to international. Although his initial reason for putting pen to paper was to write and publish plays John Tate has instead been successful in print with two loosely autobiographical books. In order to illustrate his style John quoted and read extensively from both works.

If seen as an expression of personal and humourous views the intent is clear. The work is reflective and at the same time poses viewpoints to ponder. John admits that the content, particularly for Berry Berry 1, largely comes from his days in the Shire (until the age of 24) and his teaching career thus far. There were, of course, some moments which the entire audience could relate to, such as car trips taken with endless stops to see yet another scenic view! The audience were attentive and interested and sales of the book were made at the end. It is great to see locals returning to the Shire to share their experiences.
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...And here's one to put in your diaries. Award winning local author Markus Zusak will be giving an author talk at Sutherland Library on 4 September at 7pm. More about this soon...