Fiction Follies - October 2006

Fiction Follies is a monthly newsletter containing a selection of NEW fiction added to the collection of the Sutherland Shire Libraries. Click on the book title to reserve your copy.

If you like The Da Vinci code try these books and authors…

New Mysteries

Dark tort by Diane Mott Davidson
The 13th culinary mystery in the series featuring Goldy Bear. Light and entertaining sleuthing with delicious recipes thrown in. For readers of Joanne Fluke and Carolyn Hart.

The vision by Heather Graham
Romantic suspense set in the Florida Keys. When diver Gen Wallace claims to see a body whispering the word “beware” the rest of her crew think she is losing her mind. That is until the body of a woman surfaces and more women are reported missing.

The last days of Newgate by Andrew Pepper
Gruesome murders, political unrest and an innocent man condemned in this fast moving historical mystery set in St Giles, London of the 1820’s. Sure to interest readers of Kept : a Victorian mystery by D J Taylor.

The night gardener by George Pelecanos
A body of a 14 year old is found in a Washington D.C. garden. This latest killing by “the night gardener” brings together 3 very different detectives. This novel combines socio-political commentary with the psychology of the detectives working the crime. Similar to Michael Connelly and Ian Rankin.

The undertow by Chris Wakling
The 19 year old daughter of a successful businessman is badly injured while diving in Byron Bay. The police claim it is an accident but he is not convinced. As his investigation continues he discovers how little he really knows about his own daughter.

Missing link by Joyce Holmes
Fizz has on odd request from elderly, gentle Mrs Sullivan. She wants Fizz to prove that she has committed a murder. Things get more complicated when 2 other people claim responsibility for the killing of “scruffy little slut” Amanda Montrose.

Messenger of truth by Jacquelyn Winspear
Maisie is asked to investigate the death of the wealthy painter Nick Bassington-Hope. Set in 1930’s Britain it contains great period detail and commentary on the divide between the wealthy and poor during the depression.

New Thrillers

Visibility by Boris Starling
London 1952. “At first it seems the Great Fog has claimed another victim. A drunk wandering unsighted… stumbling into the icy shallows of Long Water. But Max Stensness was stone cold sober when he died. And in the hours before his death, the young biochemist had claimed to be in possession of a secret that could change the world. [Now] the CIA, KGB and MI5 are all vying to get their hands on the dead man’s secret.” From synopsis.

The Testament by Eric Van Lustbader
When Braverman Shaw’s father dies he discovers that his father was involved in the Order of Gnostic Observatines. The sect preserved a secret Testament that could rock Christianity to its foundations and now Braverman is the chosen protector of the document. Who can he trust, especially as another sect sponsored by the Papacy is prepared to kill anyone in order to attain the documents.

The Cobbler’s apprentice by Sandy McCutcheon
“When Samir Al-Hassani does the impossible, and escapes from Guantanamo Bay, a chain of events is set off that is to lead to tears and bloodshed around the world. Sami, a young Palestinian who had been caught in Iraq, thinks he has been helped by feoolw jihadis, but the CIA and Mossad are pulling his strings or is he being set up?” from synopsis.

New Romance and Chicklit

Out of my depth by Emily Barr
When Susie invites her old school friends to her house in France the object is to show off how well she has done for herself. During the catching up and comparisons it emerges that each is haunted by a secret from the past. Now that it is time to face the truth who will sink and who will survive?

Immediate family by Eileen Goudge
"The old adage you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family takes on a cunning new connotation in Goudge's zesty tale of four college pals catching up on life at their fifteenth Princeton reunion. Goudge excels at exploring the unconventional ways in which the bonds of family and friends are pulled, twisted, and tested, and her trademark creation of genial, winsome protagonists makes the process delectably entertaining." - Carol Haggas from ALA Booklist

Susannah’s garden by Debbie Macomber
When Susannah turned 18 her parents sent her to school abroad. She said goodbye to her boyfriend, Jake -- and never saw him again. She never saw her brother again, either; Doug died in a car accident while she was away. Now, at fifty, she finds herself regretting the paths not taken. Especially the chance to be with Jake . . . Long married, a mother and a teacher, she should be happy. But she feels there's something missing, although she doesn't know exactly what. Not only that, she's balancing the demands of an aging mother and a temperamental twenty-year-old daughter.

New Supernatural and Horror

The keeper by Sarah Langan
Some believe Bedford, Maine, is cursed. Its bloody past, endless rain, and the decay of its downtown portend a hopeless future. With the death of its paper mill, Bedford's unemployed residents soon find themselves with far too much time to dwell on thoughts of Susan Marley. Once the local beauty, she's now the local whore. Silently prowling the muddy streets, she watches eerily from the shadows, waiting for . . . something. And haunting the sleep of everyone in town with monstrous visions of violence and horror.

The turning by Jennifer Armintrout
Carrie Ames, a young doctor is attacked by a vampire and left for dead in the hospital morgue. Now her life is a nightmare. Once dedicated to saving lives she is forced to prey on others to survive.

New Family Sagas and Historical

Helen of Troy by Margaret George
“Depicts with bravado, grace and eloquence the grand spectacle surrounding Helen of Troy. The author's research into Mycenaean culture, coupled with Trojan War mythology's larger-than-life heroes, enliven a bold story pulsing with romance and sacrifice, omens and battles.” - Publishers Weekly.

Fortune’s daugher by Benita Brown
Daisy-Belle, a talented performer has her illegitimate child stolen from her by her ruthless manager. Years later the daughter emerges as a rival to Daisy who decides to destroy her competition. Will she realize the child’s identity before it is too late?

A step in the dark by Judith Lennox
A young widow, Bess Ravenhart, is forced to leave her son with her Mother in law when she moves from India to start a new life in Scotland. Years later a reconciliation is attempted when her son travels to Scotland, however, he brings danger with him.

Please note, many of these book descriptions are taken from the publisher's synopsis.
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