Caringbah Happenings

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the HSC students that have been coming to Caringbah Library. This year's group of students have been very well behaved and it has been a pleasure to have these kids in the library. So all the staff at Caringbah would like to wish the best of luck to our group of students for their remaining exams.

Childrens week was celebrated at storytime this week on Tuesday the 24th of October and to celebrate we encouraged any children attending to dress up. Some of our staff even joined in the fun by wearing a cape and funny hats. The theme for the stories this week was birthdays and a fun time was had by both parents and children.

Recently at Caringbah a couple of books have stood out as in demand items. There have been a lot of reservations on James Patterson's newest novel Cross which continues the adventures of his popular character Alex Cross. The other hot item which was released in the past week is Alan Jones' biography, Jonestown. If you want to read either of these items contact us as soon as possible as the waiting lists are continuing to grow!

Finally, a tip for students. We suggest that you come to the library as soon as possible after getting your assignments. Otherwise, you may be disappointed if you come the day before it's due and find that we don't have anything left on your topic.