Collection Capers: October 2006

Collection Capers is a monthly newsletter of NEW interesting or unusual non-fiction added to the Sutherland Shire Libraries collection. Click on the title to reserve a copy.

Mayflower : a voyage to war by Nathaniel Philbrick
‘I was riding on the Mayflower when I thought I spot some land’. A tale of violence, subterfuge, and drama. This book tells the story of the Pilgrim fathers, who set sail on the Mayflower. Landing on the coast of North America the settlers and American forefathers came perilously close to annihilation and would not have survived except for Indian help and generosity. This was repaid in bloody battle that they ultimately waged against the Native Americans.

Berlin Games : how Hitler stole the Olympic dream by Guy Walters
The 1936 Olympic Games, held in Berlin, was the most political sporting encounter of the 20th century. Famed for its spirit of ferocious competition, it was the Nazi’s power display to the world. Not long after Hitler would unleash his Third Reich dream on the world. Of course, these days the dream has been stolen by drug cheats,
corporate corruption and an IOC more interested in travel, bribes and cocktail parties.

Busy body : my life with Tourette’s syndrome by Nick Van Bloss
Nick Van Bloss has had Tourette’s syndrome since he was 7 years old. A sudden compulsion to shake his head from left to right, twice in rapid succession developed into further frantic behaviour. Yet he learned to play the piano extremely well (not unusual for people with this and similar conditions who often have fantastic manual dexterity, or even the mental ability to be surgeons). This book allows us into the heart and mind of a wonderfully witty and talented man.

The curse of celebrity : how and why our favourite stars go off the rails by Rita Wright
They're beautiful, successful and rich, they lead lives most of us only dream of, and they seem so perfect. So with the world at their fingertips, why are celebrities so messed up? Read about a bunch of overpaid, self-important people who expect us to have pity when they get divorced or break a fingernail or get caught sniffing cocaine.

The sunburnt queen : a true story by Hazel Crampton
Reconstructs 18th-century South Africa. A seven year old girl is shipwrecked and brought up by a local tribe who eventually becomes a prince’s wife. The book relates her life and those of her descendants during a turbulent time.

Letters lifted into poetry : selected correspondence between David Campbell and Douglas Stewart 1946-1979
Ranging over a period of four decades, this is correspondence between two major Australian poets. Their lives of poetry, publishing, friends, nature and fishing are all canvassed Letters lifted into poetry documents a great Australian literary friendship and provides an insight into the writing and lives of these remarkable men. The love of the outdoors, in particular trout fishing is evidenced in their many pastoral poems.

Terra Australia incognita : the Spanish quest for the mysterious Great South Land by Miriam Estensen
There have been several recent books about Dutch exploration of the Pacific. This one dealing with the voyages of Luis Baez de Torres who may have been the first European to sight Australia. Then it deals with Quiros, the great explorer of the South American region sent by Philip III to search for the mysterious continent.
And of course Torres who disappeared from the Philippines. Of only he’d had a decent map.

The world according to the Simpsons : what our favourite TV family says about life, love and the pursuit of the perfect donut by Steven Keslowitz
This entertaining and informative book is a fun and intelligent look at how society is reflected in the TV show "The Simpsons". This book looks at subjects, such as: parenting; gender roles; individuality; expression; politics; and many others. Plus you might just get a laugh, which is why its there in the first place... and then you can go and buy all the merchandise that goes with it.

Surfings greatest misadventures : dropping in on the unexpected by Paul Diamond (editor)
These true surfing stories cross the spectrum, from horrifying to comical, to downright bizarre, they tell unbelievable stories of big waves, shark attacks, tsunamis, boating disasters, devastating wipeouts, pranks, and bad judgement calls. Not to mention too
much booze and dope (which probably aren’t mentioned).

Extreme weather : nature’s most dramatic moments
Earth's atmosphere is like a restless ocean of air, surging and swirling around us. It can be tranquil or it can be violent, capable of unleashing tempests, hail and destruction. Humanity has always been fascinated with the weather, and has striven to understand why and how phenomena such as lightning, thunder and rainbows occur. This book is full of fantastic photos which show just how powerful the forces of nature can be.

The Tour de France : a cultural history by Christopher S. Thompson
Tells the story of the Tour de France, from its creation in 1903. It links the history of the tour to key moments and themes in French history, and concludes with a discussion of the longstanding practice of doping, and considers the complex case of the seven-time champion, Lance Armstrong. Perhaps one year it might be nice if the race were contested by riders on Penny-farthings wearing three piece suits and top hats.

The way we were : remembering Diana by Paul Burrell
Another book about Diana. Wacko, absolute joy!

The dodger : inside the world of Roger Rogerson by Duncan McNab
This presents a brilliant, behind-the-scenes account of disgraced former policeman Roger Rogerson, and the police culture that created him. It tells of the rise and fall of Rogerson, a bent cop in a bent police world. Friends with criminals and police (sometimes one and the same) it also describes the macho, dog-eat-dog culture where a honest policeman went in fear of his life.

Intractable : hell has a name: Katingal: life inside Australia’s first super-max prison by Bernie Matthews
Intractable is not only a shocking story of what it's like to do time but it is also a history of one of the great political scandals of the 70s, from a unique perspective. Bernie Matthews, convicted armed robber is a man who managed to turn his life around in the worst of Australia's prisons, Katingal.

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