Be Safe Online these Holidays

Do you know who can see your child’s online profile?
How can you manage cyber bullying?
What do trolls have to do with the internet?

School holidays are a great opportunity for the family to indulge themselves and spend more time than usual on online pursuits. Whether it's keeping in touch with friends, Christmas shopping online, uploading and organising photos or gaming, personal security is important.

Test your knowledge of how to best protect yourself and your family by using the brand new course Learning Internet Safety, available via Computer Training Online.

The course starts from the basics with online browsing and email issues eg. Phishing scams, dangerous attachments, suspicious links etc - and so is great for informing new online device users (older parents, younger children) of the need for caution.

It looks at social media sites. Each one has different security controls and they can be confusing. Even if you think you are sharing information privately, that may not be the case, so to protect your privacy, safety and reputation, our most private information address phone number and date of birth should never be shared. Find out what else you should know.
There is a session on purchasing online and what to keep in mind, to make sure you are being as secure with your credit card details as you can possibly be. Don't end up paying for something that never arrives, learn how to pick a reputable selling site.
What exactly constitutes Cyberbullying? and what is the best way to mange it if it is happening to your child? Personal attacks are not welcome especially when they can come at any time of the day or night. Being aware of how to deal with them effectively may shorten their lifespan and so lessen the impact.
Could the replies you are posting to that chatroom be seen as Trolling?

Learning Internet Safety provides a total of 20 short (5 - 10 minute) presentations on all things security online. Suitable for 8 - 88 year olds. If you are really keen to know that you now know it all, there are 6 assessments you can test yourself with. Why not try them first to find out what you need to brush up on!

Computer Training Online offers the following hands-on short format courses:
Learning Internet Safety - 20 lessons and 6 assessments
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Introductory Computer Training
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Social Networking Training - Twitter, Facebook and Blogging
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