2016 Kibble Literary Awards for Women Writers

Congratulations to the winners of the Kibble Literary Awards 2016. These awards aim to encourage Australian women writers to improve and advance literature for the benefit of our community through works identified as life writing. These include novels, autobiographies, biographies, literature and any writing with a strong personal element.

The Kibble Literary Award recognises the work of an established author while the Dobbie Literary Award recognises a first published work.

         2016 Kibble Literary Award Winner:                                    2016 Dobbie Award Winner:
         Fiona Wright                                                                                     LucyTreloar
Small acts of disappearance/ Fiona Wright
Salt Creek/ LucyTreloar
Kibble Award                                                                                       Dobbie Award

A few days in the country / Elizabeth Harrow                            Rush oh / Shirley Barrett
Second half first / Drusilla Modjeska                                            Reckoning / Magda Szubanski
Small acts of disappearance/ Fiona Wright                               Salt Creek / LucyTreloar