Eco reads for Earth Hour 2015

The year of the flood by Margaret Atwood
Although this is the second book in the MaddAdam trilogy, each one is a standalone read. This is really a companion read to the first book, Oryx and Crake. It is told from the viewpoint God's gardeners, a religious group who are devoted to preserving all plant and animal life.  They are surviving in a bioengineered future world, predicting the the long feared waterless flood will decimate the Earth.  Described as a dystopic masterpiece, this is an epic read.

Flight behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver
Taking on climate change in her seventh novel, this is the story of global warming set in fictional Fetherston Tennessee. The battle to save a flaming forest of Monarch butterflies is interwoven with the coming of age story of Dellarobia Turnbow

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
A thought provoking sci fi novel telling the story of a catastrophic event rendering the Earth, asking what would happen if the world was ending. The moon mysteriously explodes, giving Earth about two years to ensure the survival of the human race in outer space. An epic read, this novel spans five thousand years, a narrative about an all too possible the future of  Earth. This one is so new, Library copies are on order. Place your request now!

The last Pulse by Anson Cameron
A novel set on the drought stricken town of Bartel in South Australia. Showcasing the current issues of water and farming, Australian politics and climate change, this is an amusing and irreverent story where the underdog wins the battle.

Drought by Graham Masterton
A Californian environmental disaster thriller. What would happen if the water ran out? It hasn't rained for months and the taps run dry at the height of summer. It wasn't an accident...  This is a page turner you will find hard to put down.

Black Horizon by James Grippando
Miami criminal defense attorney Jack Swytek is back in the eleventh book of this series. A legal thriller, this story is focusing on a contemporary environmental  issue, a devastating oil spill in Cuban waters, which is threatening the United States. Was it an accident, or not ?

A fear of dark Water by Craig Russell
The sixth book in the Jan Fabel series, this police procedural starts with a focus on environmental politics,  cyber crime and cultism. The book starts with an environmental summit about to begin when a massive storm hits the city. When the flood waters recede, a  headless torso is discovered washed up...

Rock Bottom by Erin Brockovich with CJ Lyons
This is the debut thriller by Erin Brockovich, well known advocate of environmental issues. Writing about what she knows, her story showcases the environmental issue of mountain top removal mining. If you enjoy this, read more about her main character, environmental activist A J Palladino in her second book,  Hot Water.

Solar by Ian McEwan
A story of global warming. The main character, Nobel Laureate in Physics Michael Beard, is a completely unlikeable character, who is ambitious, greedy and deluded. on his fifth marriage, he has built up a reputation as a champion of solar energy, based on research he has passed off as his own. Then his past begins to catch up with him. Despite being very well written, this book received mixed reviews. Read it and decide for yourself what you think. 

The hammer of Eden by Ken Follet
Time is running out for California.
An extreme group of eco terrorists are threatening to set off an earthquake of epic proportions unless their demands are met.  They have the know how and means to do it. FBI agent Judy Maddox is the only one who can stop them. The villian of the piece, Priest is not above murder or mayhem to achieve what he wants.
 Full of twists and turns, this suspenseful thriller is worth a read. Hard to put down.