Novelist & Who Else Writes Like...? can help you locate your newest favourite book.

What happens when you've caught up on all your favourite author's books? Or finally plowed through the eclectic pile beside your bed?

Do you stop reading?........NO!

You could come in to one of your library service's eight locations and spend some time allowing serendipidous discovery to direct you to a title which is just what your were looking for.

You could pester your friends for their favourites and borrow those, only to be quite surprised by the numerous shades of grey, you get and what that might say about the one who suggested it!

Or you can use one of these online Reader's Guides, to find a title or two which matches your reading preference of the moment, check the library has it, request it and then briefly drop in to pick it up at the library location of your choice. All from the comfort of your own lounge.

What could be easier than looking up your favourite author, (for the argument's sake) Matthew Reilly, in

Who Else Write's Like...?

THEN use the Author A - Z to browse OR the Search bar

CHOOSE a new author to investigate in the library catalogue from the information provided

To find a book by it's content, use Novelist

ENTER your key elements for a great read OR browse through the
lists provided

CHECK title availability in Sutherland Shire libraries catalogue.
SHORTEN a results list using the appeal factors on the left.

Be left with just what you are looking for!

TIP: If the Check the Library Catalogue search does not find the title
do the search yourself just using the Author's name. Titles of the same
book often differ between publishers or editions.
If it is still not held by Sutherland Shire Libraries and you really want it,
please take advantage of the InterLibrary Loan service.

For more information about these services please ask our staff in person or by phone.