Greedy reading: More time to read more books!

Its not greedy to want to read more books...its just a challenge finding enough time!  According to Dr Seuss:
The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go". 
Don't you agree?

Seven tips to help you read more books:
  1. Get a reading habit. Read for 15 minutes a day. If you find yourself falling asleep over your book at bedtime,  maybe you're more of a morning person. Try to get up a few minutes earlier...or just read at lunchtime :). 
  2. Take a book with you everywhere you go. This way you can read when you find yourself waiting or with an unexpected few minutes to spare. 
  3.  Read more than one book at a time. Although this is not for everyone, its certainly worth consideration. 
  4. Join a book group. This offers an incentive to read at least one book each month, and a great reason to sit and read to ensure its finished in time! 
  5. Read a page turner, or at least books about what you love. If you're enjoying it, you'll keep reading it. 
  6. Keep it short. Read a short book, or short stories.  Don't go for an epic 600 pages plus read (save that challenge for the Gluttony book discussion in July). 
  7. Follow the 50 pages rule. If you don't like it after 50 pages (or 10 or 100, its up to you). Find something else to read  (If you believe you need to complete every book you start, you really need to come along to the Pride book discussion in September). 
Share your tips on how to read more books in the comments.