Ten books: Book endings

Pride and Prejudice by
Jane Austen
Gone with the wind
by Margaret Mitchell

The end of another year. As 2013 draws to a close, this reminds us of one of the most important aspects of reading a book, the ending. This is what stays with you and leaves the reader with something to think about. Click on the images to read why these books made the list.  There are no spoilers in this list, just ten books with memorable endings that you may like to read, or re-read.

The fault in our stars by
John Green

Gone girl by
Gillian Flynn
 Have you ever found yourself near the end of a story, and dreading reaching the last page? Do you find yourself reading it more and more slowly so as to savour those last pages of text, hoping that this is the first book in a never ending series, or at the very least has a good ending?
Having finished the story, do you sometimes find yourself unable to move onto reading another book?
The road by
Cormac McCarthy
Of mice and men by
John Steinbeck

Conversely, have you ever been reading a book and been unable to resist reading the last few pages, just to find out what happens (or maybe to see if it's worth all the effort)!   The ending, whether powerful, poignant,  happy or sad,  it just needs to be right. The ending of a book can make or break the story; it's the author's last chance to impress the reader!

The remains of the day
by Kazuo Ishiguro
by Ian Mc Ewan

 Different types of books suit different endings. Mystery and crime require resolution,  happily ever after best suits romance and cliffhangers are great to set up the next book in a series. Some books offer resolution, with all the loose ends tied up neatly, with all questions answered using plausible explanations.  Sometimes books finish abruptly or unexpectedly. They may be left open to interpretation by the reader who may imagine or sometimes just simply wonder what happened next...
What kind of book endings do you prefer?

Mrs Dalloway by
Virginia Woolf
To kill a mockingbird by
Harper Lee
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Do you have a favourite book with a memorable ending? Tell us about it in the comments.