Summer Reading Club 2013-2014

The  Summer Reading Club starts this coming Monday. It is running from 9 December, 2013 to 31 January, 2014.
 The 2013 theme for kids and teens is INVESTIGATION.
It’s easy to participate!

For children under 12, just come into any Sutherland Library branch to register your interest and pick up a reading log. Every five books read gives you an incentive prize and an entry in the prize draw.

Just simply read a book that has been borrowed from the library, fill in an entry form with your personal details, rate the book (from one to five stars) and place it in an entry box. These are located in each of the Sutherland Library branches. You are welcome to write a short book review if you like. One book equals one entry in the prize draw. The more you read the more chances of winning!

 To participate, borrow a book from the library and:
Read it.
Rate it: Simply circle the number of stars from one to five on the entry form.
Review it: Write a short book review about the book.
  After you read it,  fill in an entry form, rating it from one to five stars, and write a short review of the book, telling us what you thought of it and why. Don't forget to place  your entry form  into a Summer Reading Club Box- there is one at each Library branch. Each book read, rated and reviewed, entitles you to one entry in the major prize draw, with the chance to win a mini ipad with retina display. 

Scroll down the Summer Reading Club webpage  to find and  investigate our bookshelf of reading suggestions!