October School Holiday Report

It's Magic!
This was our holiday theme and boy... did we have a fun fortnight!

We had Trevor's Drawing Workshops at Sutherland and Menai libraries which were ALL fully attended (approximately 75 kids). Trevor is one of our regular events and has a fine following of artistic attendees. Trevor also caters to children who just want to improve their drawing and colouring skills or if they are complete beginners. You have to be at least 7 years old to join this program.

We had some seriously creative Lego construction going on for the 6-12 year olds. These were held at both Sutherland and Sylvania. Due to the raging success of this event we will be holding more of these sessions in the future.
Unfortunately for some we booked-out very early, so don't forget to get in quick 3 weeks before the event to secure your child's attendance.

At Sutherland we had a riotous Storytime event with a visiting magical wizard who attempted some inept prestidigitation (lame magical tricks). Our staff at most of our branches told magical stories, played a magical memory game, sang silly songs, showed a short film and helped construct a Jack-in-the-box craft for the kids to take home. 

Last, but certainly not least - we had Joel Howlett (a REAL magician) present his spectacular magic show to 62 awestruck children. He produced doves from silk hankies, changed the colours of scarves mid-air, he then apparated a little black bunny (whose name was David Hopperfield) into cake tin. 
Staff and parents were desperately hoping for cake... but the baby bunny was much cuter!  
Joel even doubled up for a juggling/ magic workshop in the afternoon.
Thank you Joel we had a truly magical time!