OCTOBER - EgoReads for Kids

Quote: A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~ Author Unknown

Virtually Perfect  by Dan Gutman
Yip Turner spends more time playing computer games than with other kids. For him, virtual reality usually beats reality! So when his dad, a movie special-effects designer, brings home new software for creating virtual actors, Yip is psyched. He and his sister create 'Victor,' a boy who is smart, handsome, and charmingly perfect in everyway. But when Victor leaves cyberspace and invades their world, Yip realizes that there are bugs in his dad's virtual-actor software. Now his family - and possibly the whole world ... may be in danger. (What happens when you forget to program morals into your virtual double - it can't be good!)

Hank Zipzer the World's Greatest Underachiever  
by Henry Winkler 
About The Series: Inspired by the true life experiences of Henry Winkler (from Happy Days fame), this winning series is about the world's greatest underachiever, it's funny, touching, and deals with learning differences in a gentle and humorous manner. My favourite thing about Hank Zipzer is that he is resourceful. Just because he can't figure something out doesn't mean that he won't find a way.  I love his sense of humor. 

Goddess Girls  by Joan Holub
This series is about the famous goddesses Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite and Persephone as tweens attending the Mount Olympus Academy - and lately, I started to think of why I love them so much. I guess, I just love seeing friendship portrayed in the way it should be, especially among young girls: something that makes you stronger and makes you feel accepted for who you are, and with fabulous people who are completely different to you but love you anyway. These girls also have conflicts and problems, but they solve them by talking to each other. Also, by not letting a misunderstanding stand between them and by loving and supporting each other.