This Day in History ( June 13 )

The True Story
Australia sees the 
introduction of Vegemite.
June 13th, 1923

Vegemite is the registered brand name for a dark brown, salty food paste made from yeast extract, mainly used as a spread on sandwiches and toast. It is popular in Australia and is known as one of Australia's national foods. The iconic Australian spread was first developed in 1922 by food technologist Dr Cyril P Callister when his employer, the Australian Fred Walker Company, had him develop a spread from brewer's yeast after World War I had disrupted the supply of imported yeast spreads.

Chants & Rhymes
A trade name competition was held to find a name for the new product, and the winning name of Vegemite was chosen from the entries by Walker's daughter Sheilah, by being picked at random out of a hat. The product was introduced to the Australian public on 13 June 1923. Initial interest and sales were slow, but the product endured through a name change to ‘Parwill’, (to compete with another product called 'Marmite') then later returning to ‘Vegemite’ in 1935. Largely an acquired taste, Vegemite is notorious for the dislike it generates amongst some foreigners.

Fun for Kids
Vegemite has been described by many non-Australians trying it for the first time as having an extremely unpleasant taste. You only have to look at the face of any non-Australian trying it for the first time to understand that words are not necessary to express their delight! However, it is today still found in 90% of Australian homes, and to the many Australians who have grown up with Vegemite, it will always remain part of our lives and an Aussie icon. We just love our Vegemite!
Life down under!

That famous Vegemite jingle is perhaps one of the most memorable songs of our lives growing up. If you want to re-visit the original ad from 1959, though rather dated and corny now... visit the link belowbut please don’t blame us if you end up singing it for the rest of the day!