One Click Digital - Our Newest Audiobook Supplier

Many of our library members know we have partnered with Overdrive to supply downloadable digital audiobooks and ebooks. What you may not know is that we have recently added another supplier of digital audiobooks - One Click Digital.

Digital audiobooks from One Click Digital now available from Sutherland Shire Libraries

One Click Digital is similar to Overdrive in that you login to a Sutherland Shire Libraries branded version of their website using your library card number.  From that site you can search, browse and download digital audiobooks to your computer and transfer them to your portable devices.

They offer a Media Manager, a piece of software to help you manage the checkout -- download -- transfer -- listen process just like Overdrive; there are versions for Windows and Mac. And they also have iOS and Android Apps available for your portable devices in the relevent app stores.

With One Click Digital, however, there are no reserves and no waiting.  All titles have unlimited availability, meaning all library borrowers can download the latest titles at the same time.

In addition, over 90% of the Sutherland Shire Libraries One Click Digital collection are downloaded as unprotected mp3 files, meaning they work on almost any device including iPods and other mp3 players.  There are some DRM protected Windows Media files in the collection but they are in the minority.

On the other hand, there are no ebooks, only audiobooks.  If ebooks are your thing you will want to stick with Overdrive.

So if you haven't already discovered One Click Digital on our website why not check it out!

We recommend that you watch the tutorial overview video before you start downloading as there's a bit of setting up involved to make things work smoothly.

You can find the details for One Click Digital on our website under Audiobooks & eBooks.