National Year of Reading September theme: Grow

Has your reading changed as you've grown?  Does your reading help you to grow? It can, if you grow your reading habit and start to read at least 10 minutes a day this month.  Go on a reading journey of personal growth, self help, or even just read bigger books, those with more pages, not necessarily bigger print!

Interested in family growth? Read all about pregnancyparenting and dealing with puberty.
Have you grown tired of your current career?  Read about careers in growth industries such as obstetrics, hairdressing, horticulture, or farming.Have you been reading recipes and baking , then found yourself growing bigger than you would like? Read about diets and exercise, or even weight lifting if you’d like to grow stronger.

This is also a great month to read about the environmentsustainability and gardening.  You may like to  read about  growing a reading garden, and even be inspired to create a such a space to relax and read.

What a great way to grow a reading habit!