Who's your favourite Super Hero?

If you had the chance to be a Super Hero for a day, who would you be?

There are so many great Super Heroes to chooose from. They often have extraordinary super powers, awesome skills and/or hi-tech equipment that enables them to save the world from the nefarious schemes being hatched by a rogue gallery of villains.

If you are looking for inspiration about which Super Hero you would like to be, or if you just want to read more about them, try a graphic novel. Do you you think you've grown out of comic books and graphic novels? Think again. They are not just for kids and teens. Graphic novels an entertaining and fun way to read, combining action stories of the fight against evil with amazing visual graphics. They are also a really great way to discover, or rediscover more about the adventures of a vast array of Super Heroes.
Here is a list of some graphic novels featuring popular Super Heroes that may inspire you.
Superman: Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow The epitome of a superhero, from his endearing mild mannered alter ego Clark Kent, to his incredible superpowers, x-vision and ability to fly...no wonder Superman is such an enduring Super Hero icon.
Amazing Spider-Man : the deadly foes of Spider-Man. A.k.a Spidey, the web slinger has won over a legion of fans with his trademark oneliners. Watch out for his latest movie , due out July.
Wolverine. The best there is : Contagion . Often appearing along side the other X-men, this mutant with three retractable claws and a healing factor is also a movie star. His catchphrase is "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice."
Essential Hulk.The rampaging Hulk ; Volume 1 . Inspired by both Frankenstein and Dr Heykell and Mr Hyde, Super Hero The Incredible Hulk is both a monster and a good guy. Just don't make him mad.
Blackest night. Green Lantern Corps Green Lantern, protector of the Earth(sector 2814) is a member of the intergalatic police force known as the Green Lantern corps. Green Lantern wears a Power ring that bestows him with extraordinary abilities so he is better able to protect the Earth.
Catwoman: The long road home Considered by some to be a villian, Catwoman is a sophisticated and vengeful woman who takes matters into her own hands and stands up for societies outcasts. Her relationship with Batman? Its complicated.
Wonder Woman : Who is Wonder Woman? A warrior princess of the Amazons, she has superhuman strength, super stamina and super agility, as well as a magic lasso, tiara and a pair of indestructible bracelets to help her in her quest fighting against super villians.
Batman and Robin. Batman reborn The caped crusader and his sidekick, "The Boy Wonder" continue to be among the most popular and well known of the super heroes. Batman may have no superpowers, but he is intellectually gifted, physically fit, has numerous hi-tech gadgets and the Batmobile to help defeat his enemies in Gotham city.
Iron Man. War of the Iron Men A member of the Avengers, Iron Man gets his name from the powered suit of armor created by his alter ego billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer, Tony Stark.
Fantastic Four visionaries. Vol 1. This family of Super Heroes consists of Mr Fantastic, The invisible woman, The Human Torch, and Thing. They each have unique powers and abilities, and do not conceal their true identities, enjoying basking in the limelight of superherodom.
Daredevil. The man withour fear His name says it all. Although blind, his other four senses are developed to super human levels, so that few realise he cannot see.

Who is your favourite Super Hero? Still can't decide? Try this quiz.

This Sunday, 12th February at Cronulla Plaza, you are invited to take an opportunity to dress up as your favourite Super Hero and be part of a world record attempt for the largest gathering of people dressed up as Super Heroes.
You can find out more about this charity event at Day of Heroes .
Photo credit: Flickr user Joelk75 "find the fatal five!"From "Adventure Comics" #352, January 1967.