International 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day

Every year on 19 September the world celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day.

OK, the world might be overstating it but what better excuse do you need to read a pirate themed picture book to your children?  To introduce your children to pirate talk early in life you can't go past...

Pirate Pete's talk like a pirate
by Kim Kennedy (illustrated by Doug Kennedy)

cover image courtesy of Open Library
In search of a crew, Pirate Pete and his parrot look for "stanky scallywags" who possess certain conversational skills.

Once you mastered the art of pirate talk you can practice your new skills while reading other pirate stories.  Here's a couple that are available on the shelves at some of the shire libraries (as of the time of posting).

Backbeard and the birthday suit by Matthew McElligott
The hairiest pirate who ever lived!

Tim, Ted & the pirates by Ian Whybrow (illustrated by Russell Ayto)

I wish I had a pirate suit by Pamela Allen

Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs : missing treasure! by Giles Andreae (illustrated by Russell Ayto)
On a school field trip to the museum, young Captain Flinn and his crew recover a museum treasure from a dastardly group of pirate dinosaurs.