Refugee Week, June 19th - 26th 2011

Refugee Week is Australia's annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. The event has been celebrated in Australia since 1986.

This year, a joint project between Gymea Community Aid & Information Service and the Sudanese community will be launched during Refugee Week 2011 at Sutherland library.
When:    Saturday, June 25th
               12 noon
Where:   Sutherland Library
Contact:  Jenny Grey GCAIS

                phone 9524 9559

The launch will showcase highlights from the oral history project titled - Sudanese people in the Sutherland Shire - a moving community, providing insights into the circumstances which led people from Sudan to call Australia home and the help they received from the Sutherland Shire community when settling.
The oral histories and a digital story of the project will be available online after the launch.
 The shire libraries hold a number of resources for refugees and also their stories, these will be displayed in the Southern Lounge area of the Sutherland library during Refugee Week.
 Sutherland and Cronulla Libraries will also be screening 9 short films from the Australian Refugee Film Festival throughout Refugee Week. The films will play at intermitant times at both libraries.

You can access the Sudanese Oral histories through this website

click on NEW: Sudanese people in the Sutherland Shire