2011 Prime Ministers Literary Awards Shortlist has been announced

Recently, the Prime Ministers Literary Awards shortlist was announced. This the fourth year of these awards, which recognise and celebrate excellence in Australian literature. There are four categories, fiction, non-fiction, young adult fiction and childrens fiction. The winners will be announced in the week of 4th-8th July, 2011.
The shortlisted titles are as follows:

Glissando” by David Musgrave
"Notorious" by Roberta Lowing
That deadman dance” by Kim Scott
Traitor” by Stephen Daisley
When Colts ran” by Roger McDonald

Non Fiction
How to make gravy” by Paul Kelly
Sydney” by Delia Falconer
The hard light of day” by Rod Moss
“The party” by Richard McGregor
“Claude Levi-Strauss by Patrick Wicklen

Young adult fiction
About a girl” by Joanne Horniman
Good Oil” by Laura Buzo
Graffiti Moon” by Cath Crowely
The Pipers son” Melina Marchetta
The three loves of Persimmon” by Cassandra Golds

Childrens fiction
April Underhill, tooth fairy" by Bob Graham
Why I love Australia” by Bronwyn Bancroft
Shake a leg”by Boori Monty Pryor and Jan Ormerod
Now” by Morris Gleitzman
Flyaway” by Lucy Christopher

Who do you think should win?