Borrow a Save Power Kit

You can now borrow a 'Save Power Kit' from the 8 library locations within Sutherland Shire. The kits are part of a NSW Government initiative to encourage everyone to be aware of their power consumption and take steps to reduce it.

The Save Power Kits provide tools, information and a guidebook to help you make your home more energy efficient. The Save Power Kits can show you what uses the most power in your home, and give you ideas and some easy steps you can take to save money, power and reduce our impact on the environment.

The Save Power Kit includes:

  • Power-Mate Lite – to measure the power used by appliances

  • Two thermometers – one is Infrared, simply point it and read the temperature of that spot. The second is a Save Power thermometer, used to check room and fridge temperatures.

  • Stopwatch – Time how long you spend in the shower and measure how much hot water you use

  • Compass – determine which direction your home faces and learn why it does matter.

  • User guide with worksheets – The kit comes with a great guidebook, worksheet and action plan

The Save Power Kits will be available for the usual 3 week loan period and will be able to be reserved.

For more information on this and other power savings ideas visit the NSW Government's SavePower website and check out all the menu options!