Elderly Chinese group library tour

"Wow, this is a big library…”; “Wow, it
is a cozy, neat
and tidy place…”; “Wow, there are so many books, the library is so generous…” and more.

These are some of the comments from the Gymea Community Centre Elderly Chinese Group who visited the Sutherland Library recently. The group members are mostly over 70 years of age.

The tour began with a brief introduction of the Sutherland Libraries and the services provided by the Libraries, followed by a “backroom” tour to see what special librarians do in the library, and ended with a Q&A session and the Chinese collection tour.

The group was impressed by the size, collection and services offered by the Library, especially local studies and audio visual collection.

Half of the visiting group has applied for library membership after the visit. In some countries, being a library member incurs cost and only paid members are allowed entry to a library. This is the first library visit for some of the group members.

Besides Chinese language collection, the Sutherland Libraries also have a collection of Arabic and Greek language items. Through the Library’s interlibrary loan service, library members can gain access to
other language items that are available in the other public libraries in Australia.