Books for Christmas? What to choose!

Are you having trouble deciding what titles to choose for Christmas gifts, or to soak up yourself, during the (potentially wet) holidays? Then here is a list of some of the online tools which can help you to choose. All are freely available, though the first, NoveList Plus, does require you to be a library member.

NoveList Plus offers over 200,000 titles to choose from. It includes fiction and non-fiction catering for all reading levels for children, young adults and adults. You can discover titles by a range of options including using plot descriptions, award lists, read alike suggestions, genre, style and of course author and title. Click to check if Sutherland Library holds your choice. is your local booklovers blog. It’s a blog for anyone who loves books, DVDs or music. Here, you can check out what other people are reading/watching/listening to and find that next good book, movie or sound recording. You can even register to become a contributor and tell others of your favourites.

All Readers features a detailed search by plot, setting or character. Finding a story about farm life, featuring animal care, set in Australia is just a few clicks away. Lists by genre are also available.

Fiction DB says it has ‘everything you need to know about fiction books and authors’. You can find complete author book lists, books in series, descriptions, reviews, and author pages. is a fun way to get an author suggestion. Enter an author and get a map of similar works or type in 3 of your favourite authors and get a suggestion, reject this and get other!

Libraries Alive has an impressive set of links to many Australian book choice tools.

There is something new and exciting for everyone within every one of these sites, so try some out today. Don’t forget to check the Sutherland Library catalogue, and reserve your copy.

Happy Christmas reading!