Today is Suicide Prevention day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.
Today 7 Australians will die by suicide.
More than 65,000 serious suicide attempts will be made in 2010.

Regardless of what is portrayed and what you may perceive, suicide can affect anyone. It affect individuals. It affects their families. It affects their freinds and colleagues.

It is not a topic most people talk about, it is not high profile , but did you know you can make a difference? Giving help to someone in a sad space is not that difficult. It may be a bit uncomfortable but, so is guilt after suicide even if you tried to help.

What can you personally do? Today you are asked to get to know the signs of suicide. This is so important, given that 1 in 5, now suffer from depression. So look at your family and friends. Who
may be suffering from depression? Stress, anxiety, lack of control, can all be factors which lead someone to be at risk.

More information on signs, how to get help and how to give help, can be found at Suicide Prevention Australia

Or investigate the links and factsheets on the website for World Suicide Prevention Day - Resources promotion of the issue.

Wesley Lifeforce, provide the following as a guide, for how to deal with someone who you think may be at risk;
See the warning signs
Ask the person about suicidal intentions
Listen to the answer
Tell the person where they can get qualified help.

Suicide is a preventable cause of death, prepare yourself to fight against if needed.