Sutherland Shire Libraries Favourite Websites

There's no doubt that the Library has lots of great books for research, school assignments and reading.

But did you know we also have lots of online resources that can help you too?

These include, amongst others, our web resources. The web resources are a collection of web sites recommended by the staff of Sutherland Shire Libraries. These websites have been evaluated and are deemed worthy of inclusion in our virtual reference library based on their currency, authority and accuracy. With so much being published online these days it can be very hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Let the Library do this for you and check out our web resources for some great information on those pesky school assignments.

There are websites on a wide range of topics including Ancient History, Law and the Sutherland Shire. You can also find some fun sites for Kids with online educational games and printable craft activities.

Check out our web resources on our Delicious account where you can search for all sorts of topics. Alternatively, you can browse the A-Z Subject List on our website. Have fun browsing!